How do I open the jar?

Just pull the orange tab straight out towards you (not up or down). Once opened, remove orange rubber gasket. Glass lid fits snug on jar for storage in refrigerator.

Why is it absolutely necessary to remove the spring clamps after the processed jars have cooled down?

After processing, the spring action of the clamps is replaced by the natural force exerted on the vacuum inside the jar from the pressure of the air outside the jar. If you were to leave the spring clamps on the jar, you would not, by trying to lift off the lid, be able to test whether the jar was properly processed and sealed or not. This simple, but extremely important seal-test (the “lid-lifting” test) cannot be performed when using jars with a thread type, a wire-bail type of closure or any other mechanical sealing devices.

Is there any other reason why WECK does not produce home-canning jars with mechanical sealing devices?

Yes, and it’s a reason of utmost importance: your personal safety. In case the contents of a jar should spoil for any reason, the gases formed by spoilage inside the jar must be free to push up the lid so that it lies loosely on top of the jar. This warning signal is so clear and strikingly plain that it is best suited to protect you and your family from the dangers of consuming spoiled canned food unknowingly. For this extremely important reason of personal safety, a reason which is still more important than the practical ones mentioned above, WECK has consistently refused to produce jars with mechanical wire bail seals for home-canning purposes. In case of spoilage, these mechanical seals cannot produce the strikingly clear warning signal of the loose lid.

What is the significance of the name “Eat This”

It’s really a statement to emphasize that our products are made from organic and/or natural ingredients without any artificial flavorings or preservatives.We want our customers to feel confident that we use only the finest and (when available) locally-sourced ingredients available.

Where are you located? May I visit?

We are located at the Delaware Valley Fire Company, 75 Headquarters Rd., Erwinna, PA 18920.You may visit, but it’s best to call first to make sure we’re there – 215.391.5807.

How can I buy your jam?

What if I don’t want to order online? You can order online at www.eatthisyum.com or find us at market.

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How long will the items take to get to me?

What is the difference between jelly, jam, preserves, marmalade, and conserve?

Jelly is made from fruit juice, sugar and often pectin. Jam is a thick puree mixture of fruit, sugar and often pectin. Preserves and conserve are jams with chunks of fruit. Marmalade is similar to preserves but contain citrus fruit rind.

Why do you add sugar? Do you have any jams with a sugar substitute?

The main function of sugar is to work with the pectin and fruit acids to form the gel structure of jam and to preserve the color and inhibit the growth of mold. We do not currently have non-sugar jams because we believe we cannot replicate the quality of our recipes into a non-sugar format.

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