Each year around late Summer we venture out to East Hampton to pick beach plums. Unfortunately this year due to traveling and schedules we were not able to get out there. Instead we traveled to Weekapaug, RI to visit some friends. I figured we would have no problem finding some here along the beach. But I think we were a day late and a dollar short. Although there were plenty of beach plum bushes, most were picked clean. I managed to find 1 bush, and even though it was covered in poison ivy, I was able to fill 1 gallon bag.

There is good news though! A  few years ago a local organic farm in Frenchtown, Fields Without Fences, planted beach plum seeds as an experiment and it has paid off! This year the farm managed to produce about 40 lbs of plums so I will still be able to make a small batch of Beach Plum Preserve later this month.